Umimaru Nagaremi is one of the main supporting characters in Naruto: Upcoming Generations. He is a genin-level shinobi from the Hidden Rain Village and a member of Team Kyoso.

Unnamed ninja
Name: Umimaru Nagaremi
Age: 14
Afflication: Amegakure
Ninja rank: Genin
Team: Team Kyoso


Umimaru is one year older than his two teammates. Because they were the only one in their year to pass the final test, the villages leaders decided to fill out the team with the one year older Umimaru. His mother named him after the ocean, in the hopes that he would one day become just as beautiful and mighty as the sea.

However, Umimaru gives the impression of being unsure of his role in life. He feels unsure of himself and is very shy. He does not talk very much and rarely communicates with others than his teammates.


Umimaru is not very talkaktive and is shown to be very shy. He rarely coomunicates with others than his teammates and teacher end even among them, he is the one most silent. Umimaru also seems to avoid combat if he can, while his two teammates, especially Taki, seems to search for challenges to strengthen their abilities.

Also, Umimaru is the only one in his team to panic if they face a stronger opponent, as the other two usually gets excted at the prospect of a big challenge.


Umimarus mother got her wish come true when she wished her son would become as beautiful as the ocean. His appearence could easy be likened with the soft waves at sea, having soft, white hair and blue eyes. He generally has a friendly look in his eyes, though it tend to be quite hazy sometimes.

His overall clothing also tends to be a little softer in comparison to his teammates, consisting of a kimmono-like shirt and short, black pants along with a pair of ninja sandals.


Due to his shyness, Umimaru tends to allow his more level-headed teammates, handle fights and thus, not much is yet known about his abilities. It can, however, be assumed that he at least has a very good intellect, having graduated from the academy by the age of 11.


  • Umi means ocean and maru is a common end of names in japan.