The Stun fist is a Taijutsu style, which takes advantage of the lightning affinity of members of the Inazuma Clan, as well as the Kurogans ability to see the chakra pathway system. By sending lightning styled chakra into the body of the opponent, similar to the Gentle fist, the user can stun and chock the opponents muscles or damage the opponents chakra system. By stunning the opponents musceles, the targets movements is slowed down and if continuesly struck, the opponent will become completely paralyzed.

Abilities and drawbacksEdit

Its main ability is the stunning effect it has on the opponent. It requires less chakra control than the Gentle Fist, since it only requires the chakra to get inside the victims body to make any result. It should however be noted that the lower chakra control, the longer time will it take to make any result, since you can't send in too much chakra at a time. A really skilled user can use this method to give a victim heart massage, though it carries a risk since it might damage the heart if not kept under complete control.

The biggest drawback with this fighting style is that it might take some time to reach any result if you don't have at least decent skill with it. Also, the lesser the chakra control, the lesser results.