In order to prevent overpowered characters, we will make a list of things to think about when creating a character.


Since we don't want everyone to create too many "overpwered" characters, we will make a list of how many jutsu of each rank your allowed to put on one character, depending on ninja rank. However, weaker jutsus hardly matters so we will only restrain B-ranks and above.


B-rank: 5 allowed

A-rank: 3 allowed

S-rank: 0 allowed


B-rank: 7 allowed

A-rank: 4 allowed

S-rank: 1 allowed


B-rank: 10 allowed

A-rank: 5 allowed

S-rank: 3 allowed


If you want your character to become kage in a village, Mr.Oakzzz (the founder) gives you acces to unlimited jutsus, but you need to contact him in order to get this permission.

I would also like to note that i don't want to have characters who knows both Chidori and Rasengan. I seriously doubt that you will have use for both since they are so similar in performance and also because just having one of them is enough to ensure a high-powered ninja. I know that Kakashi Hatake knows both of them but he only uses one of them so i only count him as a Chidori-user.

Derived jutsuEdit

Techniques that are derived from another tehcnique, such as Sasuke Uchihas Chidori variations, is only counted for one techniques. Thus, all five of Sasuke chidori: current, senbon, blade and sharp spear only counts as one.

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

Of course, your allowed to have kekkei genkai and i would really like to see you create your own. However, since almost none kekkei genkai jutsu is ranked, it will lower the number of other jutsus you can get by 1 (check basic limitations above) of each rank.

Also, i want to be informed if you want to create a character possesing the Sharingan, Mangekyõ Sharingan and especially the Rinnegan. The two first mentioned simply because the clan who wields them (the Uchiha clan) is supposed to be completely annihilated, the lone exception being Sasuke Uchiha. When it comes to the Rinnegan, it's just that its supposed to be so rare that people think it doesn't even exist so creating about 100 characters with it would ruin the balance.


You can create your own clan or create a character from an already existing clan. However, remember that the Uchihas, as mentioned above, is a dead clan and thus can't be used for this purpose. However, if you still want to create a character under that crest, contact Mr.Oakzzz and present your idea of the character to him and he might make an exception.

Of course, if you create your own clan, you can give your clan a specific kekkei genkai. Though i would prefer to see home-made kekkei genkai in these clans, you are allowed to take one of the already existing kekkei genkai as long as you follow above mentioned limitations.